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How to calm an autistic child’s crisis?

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  • When a child suffers a crisis, he or she must be comforted by the person who is closest  and with whom he or she has a better relationship. This will comfort him, otherwise the child may feel stalked.
  • Sometimes words don’t help . Hugging your child will help calm him down and limit her movement so he can’t hurt himself. If you are going to touch it, it is best to anticipate the gesture. You should move slowly and in front of him, so he can see you, and thus observe his reaction. The child may try to push you and try to free himself at first, but after a while he will stay in your arms and calm down.
  • Isolate him in a room without people and without noise. Everyone should retreat and try to create a relaxing environment. Avoid any noise and environmental sounds (close door, window, turn off music, appliances).
  • Meltdowns are an integral part of living with an autistic child. Therefore, it is important to always be prepared for future crises . Be sure to keep dangerous tools away from places accessible to the child, as he might try to hurt himself or people around him.
  • How to avoid crises in autistic children?
  • Keep the child entertained with activities, games, walks… Periods of boredom are conducive to crises, so when you feel that the child needs to expel his energy and change his ideas, you have to be reactive to change the environment. You should pay attention to signs of irritation and frustration, which are reliable indicators.
  • Avoid or remove the child from situations that may be stressful for him, such as a room with many people and a lot of noise.
  • Make the child aware of his crises. For this there is an infallible method: recording to watch later in a calm and serene way. » A picture is worth a thousand words”
  • Use communication and positive discipline with your child. Here you can download our infographic of positive phrases and alternatives for everyday life.
  • Self-regulation : Help your child know how to identify the signs of crisis and learn to self-regulate. 
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